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FRARS History: VHF NFD 1986 DVD

A video program following an event, run from the Purbecks, in Dorset.

Written by: G0NZO ( Jules Smith ) Friday, 25 May 2018

Click for full size imageIn 1986, FRARS VHF contest group, set up the annual VHF NFD entry, on the Purbeck hills, in Dorset.

A relative of one of our members, worked in the television industry, and borrowed an OB camera and U-matic video recorder, for the weekend.

The cassette was discovered in someone's attic, a while ago. And the club thought it would be a nice piece of history to have available, and at great expense, had the U-matic cassette transcribed to DVD.

This is available on YouTube at:
VHF NFD 1986 on YouTube

You may recognize a good number of the people there, albeit looking a bit younger than they are now. And sadly, a few faces who are no-longer with us.
There is a list of callsigns at the end.


(Thanks to Paul, for uploading this to YT.)

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